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Hi, I’m Emily Victoria! This is my writing blog!

Before I start writing about myself, here are some of my recent writing accolades:

Jan – Published in Global Wordsmiths’ Women’s Stories, Women’s Voices; read my work at the book launch at Waterstones Nottingham (Bed Riddance)
Feb – Awarded 2nd prize in Retreat West Flash Fiction Contest (Keep Calm and Carry On) 2016 http://www.retreatwest.co.uk/the-2016-rw-short-story-prize-rw-flash-fiction-prize-winners/ (to be published in an anthology; prize giving ceremony and book launch coming later this summer)

May –
Longlisted for the Lucy Cavendish College Fiction Prize 2016 (How To Live Forever and Die Tomorrow)
August –
Launched Palimpsest at Waterstones Picadilly Circus, a self published anthology of writing from the Warwick MA students (All Good Things Come To An End, Alone, But For The Dog, Bad Timing)
Oct –
Longlisted for Mslexia’s Children’s Novel Competition 2016 (Dream Catchers)
Nov –
Won a writing contest run by Waterstones Nottingham and Equation (Bed Riddance)
Dec – 
Featured on Brum Radio’s ‘Tall Tales’ (listen to my story by clicking here) (Waiting)

This is a picture of me:


Actually, that’s me three years ago, so I’m a bit different now. The kitten may well be dead, I don’t know. I haven’t seen him since.

A more recent picture of me looks like this:


That’s me running the Amsterdam marathon last October. If you look really closely, you can see that I am soaked in rain, tears of joy and a bit of my own wee (I was nervous that if I stopped running my legs would seize up). 

I’m not always a hero like that though. Here I am kicking back with a puzzle just like everyone else.


Jokes, I’m always a hero. Here’s the completed puzzle:


Ladies and gentlemen, form an orderly queue.

You’re still reading. Ok. Thanks. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who wastes my time reading about strangers on the internet. Here. Have some facts about me:

  1. I have an obsessive, addictive personality. In the past, this has been quite damaging. At the moment, I’ve pared it down to drinking too much coffee and repeatedly chewing off my entire right thumbnail. It’s better than smoking or drug abuse. I think.

  2. I am a feminist. This does not stop me from liking the colour pink or acrylic nails. It does mean I have an on/off  (mostly off) relationship with razors. What’s that phrase the cool kids use? Sorrynotsorry?

  3. Guests at my dream dinner party would currently include Louis Theroux, Chris Morris, Lena Dunham and Stevie Nicks. 

  4. If I had to award a prize to ‘coolest life lived’, I’d give it to David Attenborough. He’s not invited to the dream dinner party though because I’d want to get shitfaced, and I don’t want David to see me like that.

  5. I’m happiest when I’m hiking, absorbed in a good book or binge watching Netflix. I’d like to say writing makes me happy, but it’d be a lie. Writing – like running and cleaning my house – is something that mostly makes me happy once it’s done, not while I’m doing it. 

  6. I recently stopped drinking alcohol (NYE 2015). Prior to this, I regularly experienced black out memory loss, morning after shame and the wrath of friends/strangers. In spite of these facts, most people are bemused by my decision to stop drinking. Who knows if it’ll last, but for now I’m enjoying the clean living. If anything breaks me though, it’ll be Bloody Mary’s. 
R.I.P. Bloody Mary’s.

Ok 6 is enough facts for now. Instead, allow me to round off with a series of photos (from my trip to Japan in 2015) which summarise my interests. Or don’t. You’re free to leave at any time. 

Hiking adventures (in warm weather please)


Cats (especially my cat, who is none of these cats)
Coffee (fancy like this one or freeze dried granules without milk, I don’t give a shit really)
Reading (especially Kurt Vonnegut)
This sort of represents film and TV but is also just an excuse to prove that I went to the Studio Ghibli museum)
All things cute and colourful (kawaii) 
FOOD (and if I had to cut down to one item it’d be salmon sashimi – SORRY SALMONS)

Ok, that’s enough About Me for now. Thanks for stopping by and please enjoy my writing. Constructive feedback in the comments section is always welcome!

In perpetuity, 

Emily x


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