Mastering the Art of Graduation

Hooray! I’m now officially a graduate of the Warwick Writing MA! The ceremony involved lots of clapping and lots of silly hats, but I managed to stop mine from falling off, which was my main concern. I didn’t quite believe I’d got a distinction until I saw it on the certificate, and now it’s framed on the wall in my study so that I’ll never forget. =]

If you’ve stumbled across this post because you’re applying to the Writing MA at Warwick and want to get in touch, please feel free – I’ll be happy to fill you in on my experiences of the university and the course itself.

So that’s it now – no more ties to university, and I’m out in the big bad world of seeking an agent and writing, writing, writing!

Happy Friday!

Emily x




2 thoughts on “Mastering the Art of Graduation

  1. Hi! I came across your comment on Quora and see here that you are open to being contacted. I am currently deciding between Warwick MA for writing and Glasgow’s MLitt. I am having a VERY hard time deciding, especially because I am not from the UK. Would it be possible to talk about it? Thanks so much!


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