The Art Of Sinning

Some cows taking over and a chicken fleeing in Treen, Cornwall, June 2016.

Here’s a short, light poem which I wrote this morning in response to the following poetry prompt:

Write a seven-line poem about one of the 7 Sins that only contains seven words in each of the lines.

I ended up writing eight lines, plus I wrote about all the sins instead of just one (couldn’t pick a favourite). However, breaking the rules in a poem about sinning seems appropriate.

Happy Monday!

Emily x

p.s. the prompt came from this list , which has lots of excellent ideas to help combat writer’s block.


Trip Advisor Review: Seven Sins Cruises

Four stars. Recommended to those who need

a quick cobweb shake before morality resumes!

Wrath closed for maintenance, frustratingly, but Lust

buffet delicious: took mine to my room.

Envy amazing – wanted it all to myself!

Could’ve done with more Greed, considering price.

Loved Pride – was a natural – (sorry, bragging).

Didn’t bother with Sloth; did Gluttony twice.

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