Song of January

Amsterdam, 2012.

And here’s another poetry exercise. I like the results of this one less than yesterdays, but the premise was pretty interesting.

  • List 10 verbs at random and then perform two rhyme operations on them. These could be full rhyme; however, I encourage you to try slant rhyme echoes using assonance, alliteration, syllabic similarity (the way the words “window” and “finger” share the syllable “in”). You now have 30 sound shaped words at your disposal. Use as many as you care to include as you go along.
  • Include a reference to pets, food, or cigarettes.
  • Write a “song” or name your poem “Song” or “Song of . . .”

I can’t remember what my 10 verbs were, exactly, but most of them are in the poem below. Again, this is a rough draft (20-30 mins writing). I should probably start spending more time editing.

Emily x

Song of January

You prance and glance around the living room
you sit on your hands
shy away from the fingers
that last month
held the cigarette.

You tie logic in knots
Cold turkey.
I am stern
As you upturn my reminders:
This was your idea
I’m not overruling you
I’m not being cruel
This was


Just one won’t hurt
I’m afraid I might snap
If I don’t slip once
If I don’t let go
I worry for my health

Your smile is wry at this
Your overt motives
fooling no-one
But you’re into your flow now –
Skipping or slipping
toward the amber amulet
in your mind.

Poised to fall,
Poised to fly.

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