Abecedarian Poetry

Scout and me, a few houses ago. Harrow, 2012.

Abecedarian. This is my new favourite word. It refers, in this case, to poetry in which each word begins with the next letter of the alphabet. I wrote the following in my poetry class yesterday as part of a 3 minute poetry exercise. The topic is, again, Scout the cat, and her reaction to her recent m0ve to Beeston.

Emily x

Abecedarian Poem

As befits cats,
darting elegantly from
garden hideaways is:
Jungle Kitty.

missing nothing,
observing patiently.

She tolerates us.
Very warily,
yet zen.

One thought on “Abecedarian Poetry

  1. A beautiful collected display Emily, for giving high impact jewelled keepsake. Lively moving, natural, ornate poetry. Quickly rather sweetly to underline verse with xtra yearning zing!

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