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So recently I’ve gone completely off of the blog posting radar, ironically, on account of starting my Masters in Writing.

Although I’ve been writing a lot more regularly, it has been on longer projects and much harder to publish in pithy posts on here. One thing I have been writing though is posts for my MA class’s blog. I just discovered the reblogging tool and so thought I’d try it out by sharing my posts from there… here.

These are non fiction pieces about whatever I happen to be thinking about, every other Tuesday.

Emily x



It’s Tuesday. It’s a bit cloudy. The weekend feels like some distant, desert mirage. You may well, like me, be in need of some motivation. And where better to get it than from a faceless, multinational corporation?

Perhaps it’s my current obsession with running (I’m taking part in the Amsterdam marathon this weekend) or my other, considerably more powerful obsession with advertising (I’ve spent approximately five times as many hours watching Mad Men this summer than I have spent with actual humans) but I’ve been pretty fascinated with Nike’s marketing lately. Which other company is so instantly recognisable: not just from their simple, three syllable slogan but from their logo; the infamous ‘swoosh’ tick?

Fun fact: the Nike logo was invented by a graphic design student, Carolyn Davidson, in 1971. The ‘swoosh’ was intended to evoke the winged flight of Nike, the Greek goddess of victory, and earned Ms Davidson…

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