Another Way Of Looking At Timelines

The year I saw Muse (and hugged a whale). Glastonbury, 2010.
The year I saw Muse (and hugged a whale). Glastonbury, 2010.

This was the second half of a two part poem I wrote a while ago with two different perspectives on timelines. I really didn’t like this one and it is very unfinished but a couple of people said it had potential so here it is, in case I magically think of how to make it better at some point.

Emily x


You said that you saw Muse in 2006
in a rain drenched field in Summer Leeds
you were coming up as the opening chords
poured out and made you tingle cinematic.

I saw them myself in 2010
with some best-friends-for-lifers I now hardly know.
The UK was hotter than Madrid or Rome
As I sat listless on my shoulder throne.

Two separate seas of people were waving at Matt Bellamy
Years and light years between your field and mine
Two crowds so present in the present they were in
that they hadn’t yet considered the next one.

Or the next one
Or the next one
Or the next.

Now it’s 2014 which – like every year – surprised me
Quietly lurking in diaries and waiting for it’s cue.

You and I hurtled towards it separately
In the unsettled stillness of the eye of a storm.
Sometimes laughing and crying and falling out of love
All the time hurtling and spinning round the sun
Always meaning but never expecting
to land at that party in Pimlico
where the lines met and felt deliberate
and complete.
But kept going.


2 thoughts on “Another Way Of Looking At Timelines

  1. I really like it. It does create a vivid picture of how people’s lives come to intersect with some current images. It also made me feel a little nostalgic.  X

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