Not Another Love Poem

Here is a bitter and twisted poem to demonstrate that I do experience a healthy range of human emotions, as opposed to constantly staring out of a window and thinking about how much I love Pete. I actually only do that about 80% of the time.

Happy Saturday! I’m hoping to publish some more of How To Live Forever And Die Tomorrow this weekend.

Emily x

Dog and Bone
Still not fully sure what I was photographing, Cornwall, 2012.

The heart is a lonely hunter

Do you view romantic love as common ground?
Oh no, my dear. Observe: the lover your love found.
Is the very predator from whom you wished to flee:
Your lover, dear, is sleeping with the enemy.

Love is two hyenas hacking at raw meat,
And gnawing frantically to numb the tribal beat.

*This title is stolen from Carson McCullers

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