Another Love Poem

Fansipan Sunshine
The Earth not looking very round, Fansipan, Vietnam. New Years Eve 2014

Here is a simple love poem about Pete and the fact that the best is yet to come… and has been a long time coming (1.5 solar laps and counting).

Emily x

The Earth is round

“Good morning!” He said, from his Derbyshire library,
“Good evening!” Said she, from her Saigon classroom,
“The earth is round” said he, “so our paradoxical greetings
can exist side by side, as the sun and the moon.”

“The roundness of the Earth – it reassures me.
It reminds me of things I like to know are true:
that there will always be seasons, and nights and days,
And that eventually all roads will lead back to you.”

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