Timelines and Tube Lines

I was on holiday in England and Nepal and then I was sick. Now I’m back and there will be daily posts!

I think that the London Tube Map has to be one of the top 100 things to have happened to humanity ever. That’s including the wheel, learning to control fire and James Cameron’s 11 Oscar winning, 3.5 hour masterpiece, Titanic. 

This is a poem about waiting and worrying. 

Emily x

Literary Tube Lines
How many of the books in this image have you read?

Timelines and Tube lines

Part of me looks ahead to a constant thicker line,
Like the Circle and Hammersmith: thrusting through the city
with assurance and safety in numbers:
The undervalued pleasure of not waiting long.

The other wonders who else might be anticipating your footsteps
As you make memories that one day she will rejoice to hear of
I will never know how our lines linked up with hers
as I veer away from the centre towards the outer zones.

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